Run Strategies Services

Run Strategies is a comprehensive approach for masters, encouraging life-long running and racing.  Clients receive in-person and/or virtual contact with the coach. Services can be one-time or several-time consults or the development of a Personal Running Plan (PRP) including four sections:

  1. borderFrameClient Profile and Background. Biographical information; running history – training, racing, and injuries; running shoe preferences; results of a gait analysis; and baseline weight.
  2. Goals: S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Generally two to four Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bound goals. These will be developed together, possibly with considerable back and forth.
  3. Specific Recommendations. Generally six to eight recommendations aimed at reaching the goals.
  4. Concluding Notes. Framing and caveats as one embarks on and continues their running journey!

borderFrameIf a full PRP is not desired, other scopes of service are an option, including Virtual Accountability Run Training — see next page.

  • In-person session to discuss history, goals, and overall training plan. Go for a short run and perform a gait assessment.
  • Follow-up session(s) at a local gym/pool to demonstrate recommended strength and flexibility exercises, running equivalents (REQs), and form drills.
  • Check-ins by text, email, phone, Zoom as needed.  Discuss adjustments to training due to schedule, illness, injuries, etc.

Please contact me regarding fee options.


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