Virtual Accountability Run Training

Virtual Accountability Run Training (VART) is an interactive coaching approach using Zoom technology. It is intended to assist masters runners age 50 and older with their training. As we age the way we train needs to change. And one-size-fits-all plans rarely meet the needs of masters, who often feel they are on their own, left to trying various approaches to optimize training and avoid or resolve injuries.

The structure of VART is weekly or twice-a-month 15-minute Zoom sessions during which we will cover the following:

  • Your experience during the past week(s) including races, days run, miles, intensity, and running equivalents (cycling, water running, StairMaster, etc.) The accountability aspect relates to comparing this recent experience with what was planned. To prepare for these sessions, you will be asked to complete on online log in advance by mobile device or computer.
  • Based on this recent experience, discuss plans for both the upcoming week(s) and months ahead. Consider what is needed to achieve mid-term or longer-term goals. Expect these to be two-way conversations, where we come up with solutions together.
  • If injuries arise (and they always do!) create a plan for resolving these before they become chronic. The goal is to keep on running, which may require reliance on running equivalents to allow for rehab. Masters runners do bounce back — just a bit slower than younger runners!
  • Cost of VART is $60/month for weekly Zooms and $40/month for twice-monthly. This covers the time I spend reviewing your logs and any emails, texts, or interim contact we might have.

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