Review of T-Shellz Electromagnetic Energy Wrap

On St. Patrick’s Day, I went for a run and tweaked my hamstring.  For the next five days I walked, biked, and stretched, hoping to nurse it back to the rigors of training.  The gyms had closed due to COVID so deep water running, my go-to rehab activity, was off the table.  And strength training was limited to a few weights and straps I had at home. 

After those five days, I sought to progressively ramp up the running, though at a much reduced pace.  Thus began four months of on-and-off distance and intensity, limited by recurring hamstring pain.  The summer was flying by and even though most races had been cancelled, I was still looking to rebound for prospective fall racing.  Regardless, I wanted to feel good while running at a good clip.  That wasn’t happening!  So after pain led to cutting a planned 10 mile run short, I decided to take three weeks off, sticking with biking, walking, and water-running (the Y had opened again in June).  Then, I worked back slowly with consecutive weeks of 7, 12, 14, 16, and 16 miles. Mostly at a crawling pace.  I was discouraged, as the hamstring continued to gnaw.

I noticed a banner ad for the T-Shellz wrap.  I went to the MendMeShop website and read the product info and more importantly the reviews, which seemed legit.  The site explained it used electromagnetic impulses to go deep into the tissues.  Several reviewers had had the same issue I was having and been helped.  There were six different wraps for various parts of the body.  I bought the leg/arm model.   It wasn’t cheap – $139 – but I was fed up with the hamstring woes and was willing to try it. 

I have now been using the T-Shellz wrap for four weeks.  It functions like a heat pad – there are no pulsations, but it does feel like it’s going deep.  There are three levels of energy flow, which the instructions suggest to progressively use, no more than four times a day for 30 minutes each.  I typically use the T-Shellz three times a day for 30 minutes (it shuts off automatically), placing it under my hamstring while sitting and working at the computer or reading.  

After just a few days I noticed the hamstring was less tight and sore.  I was running only four days a week, normal for me, but progressively working up towards 30 mpw.  Last week I ran 10 miles for the first time in four months.  This week I went to the UVM indoor track.  On Monday, I did four 800s – slow, but it was the first time pushing it in a long time.  Today (Friday), I did five 800s at a much faster pace, and it felt better and easier than the repeats on Monday, with only a touch of feeling in the hamstring.  Clearly moving in the right direction!

My guess is full recovery is still four to eight weeks away.  Meanwhile, I am able to run a respectable distance and pace.  I have been impressed with the customer support.  A rep emailed me after two weeks to inquire how it was going.  When I noted I was seeing improvement, he cautioned to continue use well after the symptoms subside.  It seems these folks (who are based in Canada but ship U.S orders from Pennsylvania) are truly interested in helping customers get through their injuries.

Bottom line, I am confident in recommending the T-Shellz wrap, at least for hamstrings.  If you are having hamstring issues, and what runner doesn’t at some point, the T-Shellz wrap may well be a good investment.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure:  I have no financial interest or connection with other than through this purchase I am reviewing.

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