The Morning Shakeout

The Internet is a crowded place.  Depending on your interests, there is a myriad of topics and themes to choose from.  The running space is no different.  I Googled “running-related podcasts” and came up with a list of 19 compiled by Run to the Finish.  There’s only so much time and attention in the day and week.  So, how to choose?

Recently, Kevin, a member of my running club, suggested I listen to an interview with Pete Magill on The Morning Shakeout,  a weekly podcast hosted by Mario Fraioli since December 2017.  Kevin knew as a coach I recommend Magill’s book, Build Your Running Body.  After listening to Mario’s conversation with Pete, I scrolled through the archive and saw and listened to conversations with Alex Hutchinson, author of Endure, George Hirsch, founder of the New York City Marathon and former editor of Runner’s World, Amby Burfoot, and Bill Rodgers.  It didn’t take long to conclude TMS was a mother-lode of great stories about everything running on roads and trails.  Now 40, Mario has spent most of his adult life involved with the sport.  Through writing, editing, coaching, his own running, and an outgoing personality that enables him to easily connect with folks, he has a deep e-rolodex to draw on.  

TMS now has an archive of 206 episodes.  Initially, these conversations lasted about an hour, but have evolved up to two hours, which means putting a pause on listening mid-way, picking it back up later.  Two hours may seem like a long time, but I’ve now listened to about 40 episodes and not one has dragged on.  These are not cookie cutter.  Mario lets the conversation flow, essentially asking questions that interest him, presuming these will also interest many of us.  And for me, it has!

I highly recommend giving this podcast a road test,  I expect you’ll find some names you know.  But I didn’t stop there.  I’ve learned a ton about various aspects of running and expect you will too.  There are some amazing people in the running world Mario will introduce you to.

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